Application for 2025 will open in spring 2024

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Bracco Fellowships – Research

This fellowship should help the applicant to develop or set up a programme in his/her institution, therefore the applicant should learn to acquire data, to review images or procedures, to manage data, to search for biases, to collaborate with statisticians/clinicians/clinical scientists, to develop skills in tools and post-processing, to collaborate or write articles, to prepare oral/written presentations.


  1. These fellowships are aimed at young radiologists, residents in the last years of training or recently board-certified radiologists and other biomedical/radiologically related specialists.
  2. Fellowships are available for applicants up to the age of 35 years (at the time of application).
  3. Applicants must be active ESR members. (To renew or subscribe for ESR membership 2023, please proceed to this webpage for more information.)
  4. To ensure equal opportunities candidates should apply only to institutions outside of their country of residence/work.
  5. Applicants must provide all the required documents together with the application in one single pdf file. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


  • Please note that it is possible to apply for only one ESOR training programme at the same time. Multiple applications will not be accepted.
  • The selected fellow is asked to take care of his/her working permit and insurance. Please note that he/she is responsible for his/her visa (please consider longer waiting times for visa applications). The training centre will help the selected fellow with all organisational details.

Duration and funding

The fellowship should last for 4 months and must take place in the first half of 2025 (January to June). The fellow must ensure his/her availability for the exact agreed period as any postponement is not possible. Based on a fellowship duration of 4 months, the fellow will receive a grant (€5,000) upon completion of the training and delivery of a final report, signed by the head of department of the hosting training centre. The grant is intended to contribute in part to travel and accommodation expenses during the training period. ESOR cannot guarantee that the grant will cover these costs in full. During the period of the training the fellow is responsible for covering his/her expenses and his/her own health insurance.


More information on the available research projects will be published shortly before the opening of the application.


After successful completion of the training the trainee receives a certificate from ESR/ESOR. In order to receive this, the fellow must present a written report about his/her work and activities during the programme.