Online Application for 2024

OPEN until March 18, 2024

Available places in 2024

The number of available places is limited. It will thus not be possible to consider every applicant.

Evaluation Committee

ESOR Committee members

How to apply

Please apply via the ESR MyUser Area on the ESR website. You will find a button called “Visiting Scholarship Programme” and will be asked to choose your field of interest and to select one preferred training center as well as to indicate a second and a third choice (compulsory). To complete your application you will need to upload the following documents organised in one single pdf file* (maximum size 8 MB):

  1. Your letter of motivation (addressed to the ESOR Evaluation Committee) explaining your personal interest in the chosen topic (This document is very important. Please think about it carefully and take your time for preparing it.)
  2. Your CVAttention:  Please use this template: ESOR curriculum vitae template* (DOC); any application with another CV will not be considered.
  3. The confirmation of your resident status (please use this TEMPLATE) signed by your head of department
  4. Letters of recommendation (addressed to the ESOR Evaluation Committee) from the head of department of the current training centre or a previously undertaken academic training.

*PLEASE NOTE: Applicants from Brazil are asked to upload also a proof of their results of the 2023 and/or 2024 Annual Progression Exam for Residents – Brazil.

For more information, please take a look at the GUIDELINES.

Education in Partnership

We are grateful to our partners for supporting this programme:

Visiting Scholarship Programme Europe


The ESOR Visiting Scholarship Programme (Europe) offers qualified trainees the opportunity to get to know another training environment and to kick off an interest for subspecialisation in radiology. During three months of training the scholars will be provided with a structured, modular introduction to different subspecialties and will be supervised by a specialised tutor in a pre-selected, highly esteemed academic training centre in Europe.

Topics and training centres 2024

Please click on the topic below to view the enrolled training centers.
In total, 60 training centers situated within the boundaries of Europe have provided their availablilty.

  1. These scholarships apply to residents in their 3rd, 4th or 5th year of training in radiology who desire to get the benefit of a mentored modular training of a specific subspecialised topic in radiology.
  2. Completion of the training curriculum from at least the first two years of residency is required, verified by the head of the department. Competence in producing a radiological report and communicating with clinicians and patients is appreciated, as well as knowledge of the principles of administration and management applied to a clinical department with multi-disciplinary staff and high-cost equipment.
  3. Previous exposure in any field of special interest, including basic knowledge of imaging methods, indications for imaging and clinical expectations, is advantageous.
  4. Applicants must be fluent in English.
  5. An active ESR membership is required. (To renew your ESR Membership or to become an ESR Member, please proceed to the ESR website.)


  •  Applicants who were selected for this programme or the Visiting Scholarship Programme USA in the past cannot be considered again.
  • It will be possible to apply for one programme and within this programme for one topic only.
  • As the very baseline of this programme is to gain experience abroad in another training environment, applicants will only be able to apply to institutions outside of their country of residence (no exceptions will be made).
  • The selected candiate must be a radiology resident at the time of the scholarship.
  • The selected candidates will be asked to provide additional documents to the training centre for administrative purposes.
  • A valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be required by most hospitals.
  • The selected scholars are further asked to take care of their health insurance and are responsible for their visa for which they should apply well in time because of longer waiting periods.
  • All applications will be carefully reviewed by an evaluation committee after the submission deadline.

The training will start in the second half of the year in accordance with the training center and last for three months. The scholarship must be completed by the end of 2024. The scholar will receive a grant (€3.500,-) upon completion of the training, delivery of a final report and submission of original flight tickets and accommodation receipts. The grant is intended to contribute in part to travel and accommodation expenses during the training period. ESOR cannot guarantee that the grant will cover these costs in full. During the period of the training the scholar is responsible for covering his/her expenses and his/her own health insurance. The training itself is offered for free. Please note that in particular cases administrative charges may arise, which are to be covered by the grant.


During ECR 2023 two great sessions were held involving ESOR Tutors and former ESOR Scholars and Fellows who talked about their experience abroad and gave valuable tips and tricks on how to submit a successful application and make the most of your ESOR scholar-/fellowship. Watch them now!

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ECR 2023 – Open Forum Session
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For further information:

ECR 2023 – ESOR Session
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The trainee will have the opportunity to follow and participate in the core knowledge training programme through tutorials and lectures, followed by hands-on teaching on routine clinical cases and/or modality techniques and protocols, led by an assigned tutor.

In non-native English speaking training centres teaching would be in English, while major radiological conferences and reporting may be in the local language. Some knowledge of the local language may be an advantage.

The trainee will be able to observe clinical activities, but will not have direct patient care responsibilities.

It is the trainee’s responsibility to communicate with the centre regarding the details of the training and whether more responsibilities than observer status can be obtained. ESOR solely acts as facilitator and coordinator between the training centre and the trainee.


Watch these videos to get a first-hand impression of the ESOR scholarship experience.