February 1, 2024 – March 18, 2024

Exchange Programmes for Fellowships


The development of subspecialty fellowships in radiology through proper and structured training is one of the major aims of ESR and ESOR. In partnership with European Subspecialty and Allied Sciences Societies ESOR has organised Exchange Programmes for Fellowships, which are aimed at rounding off educational requirements for subspecialty fellowships. The programmes are structured and mentored, and they are offered throughout a number of major European volunteer reference centres.

Those eligible are radiologists within the first three-four years after certification. Successful applicants enter three months of intense subspecialisation training and are provided with a grant from the ESR and the relevant subspecialty society.

At present these programmes are realised with the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR), the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI), the European Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (ESCR), the European Society of Head and Neck Radiology (ESHNR), the European Society for Hybrid, Molecular and Translational Imaging (ESHI-MT), the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR), the European Society of Neuroradiology, Diagnostic and Interventional (ESNR), the European Society of Oncologic Imaging (ESOI), the European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR), the European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI) and the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR).

Tips & Tricks: how to submit a successful application

During ECR 2023 two great sessions were held involving ESOR Tutors and former ESOR Scholars and Fellows who talked about their experience abroad and gave valuable tips and tricks on how to submit a successful application and make the most of your ESOR scholar-/fellowship. Watch them now!

ECR 2023 – Studio Session
Ready for an exciting exchange abroad to broaden your knowledge? – The European School of Radiology (ESOR) can make it happen

ECR 2023 – Open Forum Session
Making the most of European scholarships and fellowships

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